A few things to pack for travel emergencies

When you are traveling, unexpected things always can happen. Really, it’s inevitable. Stuff will happen and it will occur at the “best” times. Traveling has its way of doing that. You don’t want to over pack, but you also want to keep a few things on hand to make sure you are prepared when disaster strikes.

Travel emergencies to prepare for

First and foremost, carry photocopies of your important documents, like your passport, driver’s license and health insurance card. Bring an extra cell phone charger that can also charge a tablet (if you have one). Keep these photocopies in a separate place from your original docs.

Since I always pack light, I also carry a few pocket size stain removal packets handy. If you only have a few changes of clothing, it’s nice to have to get the stains our right away. I also always carry a backpacking first aid kit with me when I travel. And it’s a wise move to pack some extra energy bars with you in the event you are traveling after hours and restaurants are closed.

A couple of other items I would highly recommend are a small LED flashlight, a few extra batteries for it and a water bottle… at all times have the water bottle.

I hope you enjoy the emergency travel tips… Please post some of your emergency travel tips below in the comments. I’m sure I overlooked some of those that others value as extremely important.

Happy and safe travels!