Things To Do In Corpus Christi, Texas

It might not be as popular or well-known as some of Texas’ bigger cities like Austin or San Antonio, but Corpus Christi still holds its own in terms of fun, and then some. Since the city’s name translates to ‘Body of Christ’ from Latin, one might expect a religious destination with a heavy Christian theme. Instead, you are treated to a fun coastal town with plenty of stuff to do. Here is some of it…

Segway tours around the city
Segways get some bad rep for being the lazy person’s bicycle. That being said, if you’ve seen one, you’ve probably wanted to try it out – these things are a lot of fun, but also way expensive. In Corpus Christi, you can tour the city with a guide while driving around on your very own Segway. Supposedly, they’re not difficult to drive, and the risk of collision with pedestrians is minimal…

Texas State Aquarium
Even if you’re not a fan of sea life (unless it’s on your plate), Texas State Aquarium is worth visiting just because it lets you to get up close and personal with animals of the ocean like very few establishments do. From special glass mini-cages that let you observe fish as if you were inside the tank, to the possibility of touching many of the 250-some species, you might very well leave the place feeling like a mermaid (or mer-man). Those who didn’t watch Jaws can even touch some of the more dangerous specimens, such as sharks.

USS Lexington
You probably haven’t had too many chances to board an aircraft carrier and check it from the inside out, especially not one with as much historical value as the Lexington. It acts as a museum of sorts, and also gives you a feel of what being one of the crewmen back in the 40s would have felt like.

Other museums – Science and History, Botanical, Selena museum
The Lexington deserves its own section as a museum-like destination, but that doesn’t mean other Corpus Christi attractions of the sort are any less… attractive. For science and history buffs, there’s the Museum of Science and History – each of the two wings offers interactive exhibits and a chance to learn more about the city. Even if you don’t have much love for plants, visiting the South Texas Natural Center will be a memorable visit. It’s not just plants, though – there’s also a ‘butterfly house’, as well as many exotic birds and reptiles on display. Afterwards, you can check out Selena’s Museum, a memorial to the life and work of singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, who died in Corpus Christi.

Padre Island Seashore
Sure enough, it wouldn’t be a proper coastal city without stunning beaches, and the Padre Island Seashore has a few terrific ones. You’ll be able to park right next to the water, enjoy a pristine beach with crystal-clear water and enjoy a nice picnic in the Padre Island Park afterwards. Oh, and you’ll get to see a bunch of sea turtles being released, provided your timing is right.

Nightlife locations
After the sun sets, it’s time to hit the city and enjoy the nightlife. Do you like surfing, or even just the idea of it? The Executive Surf Club will truly assimilate you into the lifestyle. How about sports? At the Talons Sports Bar, you can discuss your favorite club surrounded by a lively atmosphere. Other popular places include Dr. Rockits Blues Bar – even if you’re not a fan of blues music, this bar might win you over with its entertainers and quality of service. If you’d like a taste of the Cuban lifestyle, the Havana Club is a great lounge with some unique music being played around the clock.

Other places worth visiting
If you have a penchant for fishing, the Bob Hall Pier is a spot you won’t want to miss. The entry rates are cheap, and you’ll be able to compare your catches with other anglers looking for their big score. The American Bank Center is often home to many events you would otherwise watch on TV – if you time it right, you’ll get to see some WWE superstars in action, or perhaps your favorite contestants of Dancing with the Stars. Since we didn’t mention any food-serving establishments yet, the Whataburger Field lives up to its name for the most part – while the food is pricey, you’re more likely to think “What a burger!” due to its taste. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy some neat baseball games between minor leaguers that can still swing a mean bat.